Welcome to Kansas City Metro Junior Golf Club

Welcome to Kansas City Metro Junior Golf Club

Welcome to Kansas City Metro Junior Golf ClubWelcome to Kansas City Metro Junior Golf ClubWelcome to Kansas City Metro Junior Golf Club

What is Kansas City Metro Junior Golf Club All About?

Kansas City Metro Junior Golf Club is a unique golf club, because the members must be seven to eighteen years old. We will teach urban youth and other children ages seven to eighteen, the game of golf. In addition, we will sponsor junior golfers in tournaments, teach the art of caddying, golf ethics, rules, and community ethics. We will provide college are trade school scholarships for high school seniors, funds for hardship college students, and develop a mentor and tutoring program.
    We will use the game of golf to teach and train a child to be honest, how to abide by rules for structure, and help improve his or her level of accomplishment for their self-esteem. They will learn how to become self sufficient as they move closer to adulthood, and how to be part of a team. We will reward them for individual and team accomplishment both on and off the golf course.
     "Our mission is to bring the game golf into urban communities schools in Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas for 7 to 18 years old.include helping them become good citizens". 

    We want to make Kansas City, the junior golf capital of the Mid-West. This junior golf club operates 100% on volunteers; no staff or board members are paid. We are a 501-C-3 non-profit organization that depends on the community for financial support.
     We’re not a first tee golf program; therefore, we don't qualify for funds from Junior Golf Foundation. We have no membership fees or dues; this club is free to junior golfers, non-golfers, and any handicapped child who is medically approved. The money we raise pays for the use of the golf course for training, golf balls, golf bags, golf clubs, entry fees into junior golf tournaments, and special events.
We sponsor the Alvin Brooks Metro Junior Golf Classic, which is held the third week in July each year.

    We want urban youths to take advantage of this opportunity. One of our future plans, expand golf into Kansas City Missouri and Kansas City Kansas high schools. All Kansas City Metro Junior Golf Club instructors have been trained by a certified P.G.A. instructor.

    Through the game of golf, we can help reinforce what your child has learned from his or her home, religion, school, and moral training from other agencies. The Board of Directors, as well as the Executive Director are concerned about the crime rate in Kansas City MO., and Kansas City KS., and we are using the game of golf to help make a difference in the urban youth crime rate. This is a priority, because our junior golf tournament is named after former Mayor Pro-Tem, and City Councilman, Alvin Brooks, a crime fighter for several decades in Kansas City.
     We can help provide the need that some children have, wanting to belong to something other than their immediate family. We are for the betterment of our community; and we are asking parents, guardians, golfers, and the business community please don't wait on someone else to do for your community what you can do, because waiting on each other will get nothing done. We need financial and volunteer help. Any questions call or write:

- James Johnson



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